On Camera Training

Welcome to On Camera Training, I'm Brenna McDonough; professional actor, author and teacher.

Since 1994 students have come to On Camera Training to learn the techniques required for a successful career in acting and on-camera presentations. Our classes are for actors, models, politicians, lawyers, doctors, stay-at-home parents or anyone else who wants to prepare themselves to be in front of a camera in a good, safe, quality environment.

On Camera Training Introduction


Improv for Auditions

Do you get an uncertain feeling when asked to improv a scene or circumstance at an audition? You’re not alone. This class will explore exercises to keep you actively in the “now” of the moment at an audition. You’ll develop the skills of maintaining spontaneity and actively responding to your partner, and learn to be comfortable applying improvisational techniques in scripted work as well as full-blown improvisations, in both auditions and performance.

Tuesdays, Sep 12 - Oct 17, 7 – 9:30 PM

Cost is $340. Classes are held in person at TheatreLab.


Getting Started in TV and Film

This class will cover the ins and outs of all aspects of the film industry in the DC area, including commercials, corporate videos, indie and feature films, and where to look for auditions, jobs and performance opportunities. Class will include mastering the mystery of the self-tape audition. Includes work on-camera for playback and evaluation.

Tuesdays, Nov 7 - Dec 12, 7 - 9:30 PM

Cost is $340. Classes are held in person at TheatreLab.